Friday, March 26, 2010

beware when signing up for

i ran across lottsa photos there, and a zillion ads. but they pay you if you pictures draw traffic to the ads.  which isn't a bad deal.

signing up for the service though can easily trick you into signing up for OTHER stuff you didn't want.  not necessarily harmful stuff, but we all get too much crap in our inboxes already, and we don't want to be giving information to 3rd parties without realizing it.  so this is what i posted in their forum, which is the only way to contact them.

Forum Post:  new user sign in- wasn't obvious what i was signing up for!!

i just joined nice. i entered user information, submited, then huh? you were asking for it again? like i missed something. so i entered again. submitted. huh? again but this time there were more questions? maybe it's cause i'm on a mac and the pages aren't loading fully. okay, entered MORE information again. submitted. and again.

and then realized that the "sign-up" following the first one were for "Offers" or some such crap. :x BAD :!: BAD :!: BAD!!!! i just gave my personal information- address, phone number, email to people i DID NOT realize i was sending it to.

yeah, sure, shame on me for not studying the page carefully item by item, line by line to notice that there was a banner above the data entry fields, and a "skip" link. but SHAME ON YOU for not making it obvious that i was giving my information to a third party! i realize you guys are all about cashing in on everything, which is one reason i joined- to cash in on pics - but i absolutely hate it when i don't know i'm being had like that. and i hate it even more when i am fooled by deceptive sign-ups like this.

so i'm starting with a bitter taste in my mouth, and you can be sure, that my blogs and online marketing pages will all have "BEWARE" notices about this. and who ever those people are i signed up for will get a complaint reply and dumped in the spam folder if they start emailing me, or sending me crap in the mail.

besides all that, it's just LAME.
------- post script ------
one of the moderators replied to my post in their forum.  he said:

"i'm sorry you feel that way" and linked to the privacy policy.

nice brush-off.

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