Monday, September 24, 2007

Rules of Life - The rule of 88

As you get along in life you encounter certain rules. Things happen over and over, and you have to percieve that there must be a rule that governs this happening. I have decided to codify some of the obvious ones. Here's the first in the series.

The Rule of 88
"when you are moving an object, if there is any other object in the vicinity that the object you are moving can be obstructed by, 88 out of 100 times, the object you are moving will be snagged, blocked, obstructed, caught, or otherwise interfered with."

Example: you are dragging the hose across the lawn. there is a sprinkler head projecting 1/4 inch above the ground. the hose you are draging will snag on the sprinkler head, firmly and with resolve. Usually, your attempts to yank it off fail. You have to walk over and un-snag the hose by hand.

This rule could be subtitled the "Wouldn't save your life" rule. As in, 'If you needed that object to get snagged in order to save your life, it wouldn't happen." In the example of dragging the garden hose, you would say, "If I needed that garden hose to catch on that sprinkler head because I was falling off a cliff, it wouldn't happen".

I'm a handy-man. I spend a lot of time moving things around: electric cords, hoses, ladders, ropes. The rule of 88 gets me all the time.

Hello World

When you learn programing in C, and other languages, the first thing they have you do is to print the words: "Hello World" to the screen.

So, Hello World.