Sunday, June 6, 2010

One of the houses i grew up in.

This is the house, where I "grew up".  not entirely, but close.  being an airforce family, we lived many places.  but we were stationed at Wright-Paterson air force base for six years.  i live here with my family starting the summer before my sixth grade, up thru the summer after my junior year of high school.  my room, with my brother, was in the finished basement.  classic knotty pine.  the front window at the left side was my parents bedroom.  our room was below that.

wait a minute or so for google do load the map and go into street-view mode to see the house.

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there used to be a big maple tree in front of the house.  all the houses on the street had big trees.  the neighborhood must of been around for a while to have the trees grow up before we moved there.  they all got old and died obviously.  the street looks nakid now.  and strangely, the house is the same color red it was in 1962.

if the walls in this house could talk....

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