Tuesday, May 25, 2010

serious "post for profit" guys

as i'm slogging thru the process, trying to understand how it works i came across:

which is exactly how i thought it should work... i'm always thinking "there must be a better/easier/efficient way"
and i have notice a lot more slap-dash answers in my google searches.

which is why i just started using http://duckduckgo.com

for example; i'm working on a shopping site ( http://www.goodthingsfromthailand.com ) i thought i would code it in dreamweaver, but then i thought i might take advantage of the free shopping carts that bluehost.com provides. but there are like 6 of them. i looked at them, looked at the demo's and didn't know what i was looking at. so i thought i'd google up a review:

"open source shopping cart reviews 2010" appeared in the suggestions as soon as i typed in "open source sh...." so i went with that. looks great. even has sites called "shopping-cart-reviews.com" except, none of them are 3rd party reviews of shopping carts. not like a side-by side, features, bugs, opinion site. they list some carts, describe them sometimes, push one or another cart at you, and display a lot of ads. but nothing on the first and second pages did what i want. i wanted to know the readers-digest-condensed overview of the various shopping cart softwares, so i could decide if i wanted to take the time to install and configure one for my shopping site. i didn't get that, and wasted a lot of time clicking on links to pages that were fluffy at best, stupid at worst.

but i'll keep at it. i may be slow and distracted, but i'm still moving.

p.s. i did the shopping cart search again, to get the link to put in the previous posting. THIS TIME, the second link down had what i wanted- side by side feature comparison. that wasn't there the first time i searched. i'm sure, because i Ctrl-clicked every link on the google results, all the way down the page, and looked at every tab that opened up. except, none of the shopping carts on the page are OPEN SOURCE, and none of them are the ones provided by my hosting service. so it's still a crap link.

most of them are still useless, or only vaguely useful.
make me lie google.

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